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Terms and Conditions





These terms and conditions are intended to inform consumers of the product warranties and the correct way to make changes to the products offered on the Rabbit Studio digital platform.

The Policy applies exclusively to products purchased on our e-commerce platform owned by Rabbit Studio  and they must be accepted before making the purchase of the products.


The policies implemented in this document are aimed at consumers who are interested in buying our products through the Rabbit Studio digital platform. Similarly, it is aimed at all those members of the Rabbit Studio customer service team.


  1. Online Store from now on Rabbit Studio

  2. Rabbit Studio : Producer and Supplier of the products

  3. Consumer: Natural or legal person who, as the final recipient, acquires, enjoys or uses a certain product, whatever its nature, for the satisfaction of its own, private, family or domestic and business need when it is not intrinsically linked to its economic activity .  



Requests, complaints and claims (verbal and written) will be received through the procedure established for receiving them, (see Rabbit Studio website ), claims for the effectiveness of the guarantee will be redirected according to the three types of conditions :

  1. When it does not meet the quality conditions (which is when it does not meet the inherent characteristics and those attributed in the information provided to the consumer)

  2. When it does not satisfy the suitability conditions offered by the manufacturer or distributor (which is when the product does not satisfy the need for which it has been produced)

  3. When it does not meet the safety conditions (which is when the product under normal conditions of use does not present unreasonable risks to health)


When the requested guarantee is for quality or suitability, it will be resolved within 15 business days following the presentation of the direct claim.


When the requested guarantee is due to security conditions, it will be sent to the specialized person in the quality area, Quality Director and will be resolved within a maximum term of 15 business days following the presentation of the direct claim, providing the reasons why It is decided in this sense and with the evidence that is support for it.

The products in promotion or offer have a guarantee, except in cases where they expressly contain any circumstance, flaw or fault that affects their suitability and this has been accepted by the buyer at the time of purchase.



Product changes will be made, provided that the requirements for it are met and they are presented at the time for the term of the warranty.

Claims will not be dealt with outside the warranty term granted by Rabbit Studio , which will begin to run from the date of purchase.


  1. The consumer must submit the claim either verbally or in writing.

  2. The consumer must provide the purchase invoice, or the identification number, to verify the date of purchase and that the purchase was made through the platform www.r abbitstudio .co.

  3. The consumer must indicate the defect that the product has and return it to the facilities of  Rabbit Studio  in Cali address: AV. 6 norte, 43N-13, Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia for analysis.


For the effectiveness of the guarantee, it will not be effective in the following cases:

  1. When the damage comes from misuse of the product by the consumer, or does not comply with the instructions for use, conservation or conservation of the product.

  2. When there are interventions by third parties other than those authorized by the supplier or manufacturer of the product.

  3. When the damage comes from force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.

  4. In the other cases provided for in the legal or regulatory standards in force.



If, within the term of the guarantee, the effectiveness of the guarantee is appropriate, the following procedure will proceed:

  1. Product repair: if the repair is not possible, the product will be exchanged for an identical or similar one.

  2. Missing parts: if the product is incomplete and a part is missing for assembly, the missing part will be sent at no cost.

  3. Money: In the following cases, money will be returned according to the amount paid at the time of purchase:

  4. Return:

  • When the repair of the product is not possible or it is discontinued and / or is out of stock.

  • When the diagnosis determines that it is a serious failure and / or that this is repeated after the repair of the same.

NOTE:  In these events, the consumer may choose to generate a bonus of  Rabbit Studio  or the return of the money paid according to the invoice. The reimbursement of the money will take place no later than thirty calendar days following the request, provided that the consumer makes the asset that is the object of the request for the effectiveness of the guarantee available, free of encumbrances.


The warranty term of the products will be taken into account from the date of the purchase invoice.



  1. Coverage areas: the delivery coverage area will be: http: //www.r abbitstudio .co / headquarters.  Rabbit Studio  undertakes to deliver the products exclusively in the areas that are published as a coverage area.

  2. Delivery time:  Rabbit Studio  Set delivery times according to the shipping city or town.  The times will be established on the website. At the time of purchase, which will not exceed 30 calendar days.  The delay in deliveries can occur due to:

  • Address not found:  Rabbit Studio  the consumer will be contacted to confirm the address and specify a new shipment.

  • There is no one who receives the product:  Rabbit Studio  the consumer will be contacted to confirm the address and specify a new shipment.

  • Eventualities: When events such as collapses / delays, etc. occur on the tracks and delivery may be affected in the time promised at the time of purchase, the consumer will be informed.

  • Product Loss or Failures:  In case of loss or breakdown of the product in the shipping company, which must be reported to  Rabbit Studio  by the shipping company.  Rabbit Studio  will assume the shipment of the new product to the consumer, for which the delivery time would begin to count again.


  1. Right of Withdrawal: The maximum term to exercise the right of withdrawal will be 5 business days from the delivery of the property. The consumer must return the product to Rabbit Studio , by the same means and in the same conditions in which it was received. The transport costs and the others that the return of the good entails will be covered by the consumer.

  2. Retraction Conditions.

  • The product must be in the same delivery conditions: packed, not assembled, with labels, bill of sale, accessories, with original packaging (including manuals, user guides, warranty certificates, etc.).

  • The product must not show signs of wear, dirt or wear

  • The product must not have been delivered more than FIVE (5) business days.

  • The purchased product must not be perishable or for personal use.

  • If during the return process, the product subject to withdrawal does not meet the requirements to be accepted by  Rabbit Studio , the product will be returned to the address registered by the consumer and no refund will be made.



These terms and conditions will be effective from December 1, 2015.

These principles will be communicated on the website and must be periodically reviewed to adapt them to regulatory changes.

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